IMACS V Web Applications

The Intellitech IMACS V solution offers the County the flexibility to provide state-of-the-art, secure remote access to agencies and departments in County and outside the County without the hassles of workstations configuration and licensing.

Intellitech IMACS V will seamlessly integrate the application web pages with all IMACS V jail management applications.

The Agency View

The IMACS web application displays to authorized users inmate detail in a read only manor. The pages displayed include screens from IMACS:

  • Primary Booking
  • Secondary Booking
  • Keep Separate From(s)
  • Birth Dates
  • SS#s & ID#
  • Family Members
  • Addresses
  • Phone #'s
  • Known Associates
  • Employers
  • Warrants
  • Incarceration History
  • Offenses
  • Visitors
  • Remote Booking

Remote Booking

The remote booking module will allow the County or authorized agencies to enter pre-book data in the field and then use the data to create the incarceration record when the inmate arrives at the facility.

Inmate Data Entry Inmate Image Search

IMACS V remote booking web pages provide a page for users to enter inmate data. Upon arrival at intake the officer will retrieve the entered data to create the incarceration record.

The Intellitech IMACS V has added custom interfaces that will retrieve inmate data from databases outside the IMACS V. The screen to the right displays data in a custom search screen. The inmate records were received via an XML exchange with an external application that uses an Oracle data base.

Web Based Public View

Web Based Public ViewThe public view allows the user to search and select the desired inmate and then display the desired case detail.