Fully Integrated System Components

IMACS provides a fully integrated system of extensive modules that interact and "talk" to each other.

Each system component is illustrated in the diagram below.

Incarceration Management and Cost Recovery System (IMACS)

IMACS removes the boundaries found in traditional systems and helps to reduce the duplication of data. Collaboration, sharing, and improved communication are the benefits of IMACS.

IMACS V Main Control Panel

Incarceration Management and Cost Recovery System (IMACS) - Control Panel

The bullets bellow list an overview of the New IMACS V modules. The screens images that are presented on the following pages show samples of these screens.

  • Work Release Module
  • Boot Camp Module
  • Trusty Camp Module
  • Trusty Work
  • Medical Clinic
  • Inmate Programs
  • Inmate Scheduling
  • Scheduled Moves
  • Housing By Section/Bed
  • Unique State/FBI Ids
  • Master Name
  • Audit Trail
  • Transaction Based Entry
  • Pre Book Property Record
  • Warrant/ Order/ Detainer/ Registration
  • Protected Deposits By Funds
  • Inmate Forms
  • Non-Public Records
  • Property Transactions
  • Visitation Enhanced Detail