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IntelliMed ModuleThe IMACS Medical Module is a fully integrated Clinic Information Management system which supports physical, mental health, and dental examinations. IMACS provides systematic documentation of the inmate's medical history and care. The system maintains the inmate's current medical history during the incarceration and tracks all medical events from previous bookings.

Examinations, assessments, administered tests, and test results are entered, maintained, and monitored to create a complete medical history. You can enter any symptoms experienced by the inmate and the system maintains a record of each diagnosis. Any subscribed medications or treatment plans become part of the inmate's medical record and can be efficiently monitored in the system.

With IMACS V, you can keep abreast of the current status or any changes in an inmate's physical or psychological condition. The system allows you to analyze and compare current-to-previous test results.

Centralized Online Medical Records

With this centralized environment and online medical records system, you can:

  • Track, supervise, and regulate inmate scheduled appointment or events
  • View each encounter and any related details such as physicals, tests ordered, test results, or medications
  • View pre-screening data to compare with current diagnosis
  • Enter alerts when special attention is required for an inmate--suicide watch or epilepsy are examples of alerts that can be indicated on a inmate's record