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Collections and Management Solutions for Court Systems

Intellitech Corporation offers court systems a collections management solution that now makes it easier and more efficient than ever to realize full cost and fine collections. Drawing on our company's 15 years of experience working with government agencies on collections and incarceration management systems, Intellitech now offers this valuable service to court systems.

The Intellitech Process

The Intellitech Process

  • Professional staffing
  • Master person management
  • Defendant interview & counseling
  • Payment processing
  • Collection management
  • Establish payment plans
  • Payment notice and reminders
  • Invoicing Reminder & follow-up calls
  • Monthly & quarterly reporting
  • Analysis reporting
  • Defendant history tracking across all cases


We Believe in Three Keys to Successful Collections Management

  • Technology
  • Expert staffing
  • Business practices

County Wide CollectionsThe technology and software systems we've developed and use at Intellitech can easily integrate into a court system's existing technology. We also provide experienced staff members that work inside your court system to see the collection process through. From the initial meeting with defendants to setting up payment plans and follow up phone calls to invoices, our staff keeps detailed records for every case on our in-house records system to ensure that your court receives its full collection. Our process is modeled after proven business practices from more than 15 years of experience in the collections industry.

At Intellitech, we also pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet each court system's specific needs. Whether its new technology, staffing needs or following a specific business model, we can customize our services to fulfill your court system's needs.

Pay for Stay™

Intellitech is the national private sector leader in the development of Pay For Stay™ software, a system used by many counties across the country to track the costs of incarcerating inmates and assess the inmates for a portion of those costs. Pay For Stay™ is more than an innovative software package, it's a comprehensive program that enables you to maximize inmate collections, minimize the need for dedicated personnel and eliminate potential legal pitfalls of collections.