Automated Law Enforcement Records Tracking Software

ALERTS - Seconds Save Lives

In emergency situations, seconds can be a matter of life and death.

ALERTS (Automated Law Enforcement Records Tracking Software) will enhance the process of dispatching officers by increasing response times and putting more information at the fingertips of emergency personnel.

A World of Resources When and Where They are Needed

ALERTS is a mobile access system that will put wireless laptop computers in patrol cars providing officers with a number of information age advantages in the fight against crime. Incident Reporting, Advanced Mapping Capabilities, Global Positioning Satellite data, Personnel and Unit Information - all immediately accessible.

More Time to Serve and Protect the Community


Instant access to all of the ALERTS features. The ALERTS software runs primarily from one menu.

Reporting efficiencies created by the system will also allow officers to spend more time on the streets protecting the public and less time filing paperwork back at the office. Officers can bring their laptops to the incident scene and type information directly into the input fields. Each ALERTS Incident Reporting Screen was designed to resemble existing police reports so officers can easily fill in required information - eliminating messy, inconsistent paper work.

ALERTS is a system of interactive software that allows officers and dispatchers to access incident reports, informational databases, county maps, location of vehicles and personnel, warrant and civil process tracking info- all at the click of button.

ALERTS is designed to work in the real world of law enforcement, not just in the theoretical world of a programmer's lab.

Many competitive systems work well in theory but disappoint when put to the test of everyday use. ALERTS Windows-based system consistently provides quick and easy access to the specific information required by the men and women who risk their lives to keep our streets safe.

Computer Degree Not Required

Computer Degree Not Required

Collect all the information for an incident report on one screen. The screens display all of the required fields for the report type selected. To complete the incident report, simply cycle through the tabs to enter the information on the screen. You can even create a diagram of the scene of the accident.

ALERTS is designed to be used by police officers and dispatchers with basic computer abilities. It closely resembles paper work currently used in the industry but provides more consistent entry.

No Tech Jargon

The application uses common terminology consistent with the law enforcement field.

Common Sense Navigation

The application works the same way police officers work eliminating unnecessary tasks caused by poor software design. Clearly labeled and organized menus make navigation simple.

User-Directed Customization

ALERTS allows for extensive use of user-customizable, drop-down data selections to reduce info entry and add consistency. Officers can add information and update the program's input fields to create concise descriptions of incidents and crime scenes.

21ST Century Law Enforcement

Innovative, adaptive software created to allow quick and efficient responses to emergency situations. ALERTS easily interfaces with other programs for using data in other applications or to send information to other agencies.

Instant Data Entry

Synchronization Functions allow officers to directly enter data while still in the field. Immediately entering information into laptop computers at the scene of the crime saves time and leaves less room for errors. Officers can use the Synchronization Function to input data into the department's main server at the end of the day.