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Intellitech - Poland, Ohio
Intellitech - Poland, Ohio

Founded in 1997, Intellitech Corporation has become a nationally recognized leader in providing solutions to government through technology and innovation.

Headquartered in Poland, Ohio, Intellitech's seasoned principals bring combined 50-plus years of industry knowledge and experience in creating technical applications to solve problems. A software-solutions provider solely for government, Intellitech is nationally renowned for its expertise in the development of jail management software.

IMACS Software for Correctional Systems

Intellitech's IMACS software is utilized by correctional systems as geographically diverse as Cook County, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cuyahoga County, Ohio and Oakland County Michigan. IMACS also is used to manage inmate populations in facilities ranging in size from the 110-bed jail in Leflore, Ok to the 3,400-bed jail serving Palm Beach County, Florida.

The requirements of operating correctional facilities have become increasingly complex. Corrections officials operate jails and prisons that are often filled beyond their intended capacity. In response, Intellitech is leading the way in developing cutting-edge software to allow officers to efficiently manage inmate populations.

Technical Applications in Government and Jail Management Systems

The brains behind this state-of-the-art software are a team of application developers, application architects, project managers, subject matter experts and help desk support. Intellitech is based out of Poland, Ohio; with our team of highly skilled experts we have provided advanced solutions for technical applications in government and jail management systems for over 50 years, growing and evolving with technology.